Guitar and Voice Lessons

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Studio Location
Londonderry Piano
20 N. Broadway st. Salem, NH 03079

  • Over 30 years of studying and performing in the musical arts
  • Locomotive Records / Warner Music Group recording artist.
  • One of New England's top guitar and voice instructors
  • Critically acclaimed recording artist and songwriter
  • Guitar instructional book auther
  • Top 25 finalist in North America's Best Guitarist sponsored by Gibson USA (2007)

Guitar Lessons Cover:

Technique, chords, music theory, scale theory, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, two hand tapping, alternate speed picking, sweep picking, hybred picking, finger picking, strumming, hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, reading / writing sheet music and tab, songs, guitar maintenance & string changing, all aspects of the acoustic and electric guitar plus much more...

Voice Lessons Cover:

Breathing control. ear training, stamina, range, pitch, tone, vocal health, scales, vocal exercises, strength building, all aspects of singing and the human voice plus much more...

Styles covered:

Rock, metal, blues, funk, folk, classical, pop, country, jazz, fusion, singer songwriter & more...


Kyle has grown so much w/ Clinton...
Clinton has been so patient knowing when to push more advanced material and when to review lessons a bit longer. Kyle loves coming to class each week. ~ Mabel B.
Rating 5 out of 5

Clinton is terrific with my daughter...
Clinton has encouraged and motivated my 15 year old daughter, it has been great to see her improve with the guitar. I highly recommend Hoyt Music.
Clinton is very professional and does a great job with teens. ~ Mike R.
Rating 5 out of 5


My son has been taking lessons from Clinton for a year...
He is absolutley the best. Christian loves coming to his lessons every week and
loves listening to Clinton's CD's. In the words of my son "He's the greatest teacher ever!!!". ~ Brandi K.
Rating 5 out of 5


I've only had 3 lessons so far with Clinton...
I have already picked up more than I had in 10+ lessons with another music school. ~ Dave R. 
Rating 5 out of 5



Every Scale / Mode
A,B,C,D,E,F,G = A natural minor (Aeolian), B locrian, C major (Ionian), D dorian, E phrygian, F lydian, G mixolydian.
Raise the 7th note by 1/2 step = harmonic minor. Raise the 6th & 7th notes by 1/2 step = melodic minor.
Remove the 2nd & 6th notes = A minor / C major pentatonic now add a raised 3rd = Blues.
Starting from any note ascending or descending in whole steps = whole tone,
moving in steps of W,H,W,H,W,H,W = diminished.
Every musical note = Chromatic.
© 2012 Clinton S Lurvey