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Essential Mechanics for the Guitar Clinton's guitar curriculum for all new students. Packed with all the essential techniques needed for the beginner guitarist. Includes exercises and scales. 2.05 MB
Guitar and Voice Lessons

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Studio Location
Londonderry Piano
20 N. Broadway st. Salem, NH 03079

  • Over 30 years of studying and performing in the musical arts
  • Locomotive Records / Warner Music Group recording artist.
  • One of New England's top guitar and voice instructors
  • Critically acclaimed recording artist and songwriter
  • Guitar instructional book auther
  • Top 25 finalist in North America's Best Guitarist sponsored by Gibson USA (2007)

Guitar Lessons Cover:

Technique, chords, music theory, scale theory, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, two hand tapping, alternate speed picking, sweep picking, hybred picking, finger picking, strumming, hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, reading / writing sheet music and tab, songs, guitar maintenance & string changing, all aspects of the acoustic and electric guitar plus much more...

Voice Lessons Cover:

Breathing control. ear training, stamina, range, pitch, tone, vocal health, scales, vocal exercises, strength building, all aspects of singing and the human voice plus much more...

Styles covered:

Rock, metal, blues, funk, folk, classical, pop, country, jazz, fusion, singer songwriter & more...


Kyle has grown so much w/ Clinton...
Clinton has been so patient knowing when to push more advanced material and when to review lessons a bit longer. Kyle loves coming to class each week. ~ Mabel B.
Rating 5 out of 5

Clinton is terrific with my daughter...
Clinton has encouraged and motivated my 15 year old daughter, it has been great to see her improve with the guitar. I highly recommend Hoyt Music.
Clinton is very professional and does a great job with teens. ~ Mike R.
Rating 5 out of 5


My son has been taking lessons from Clinton for a year...
He is absolutley the best. Christian loves coming to his lessons every week and
loves listening to Clinton's CD's. In the words of my son "He's the greatest teacher ever!!!". ~ Brandi K.
Rating 5 out of 5


I've only had 3 lessons so far with Clinton...
I have already picked up more than I had in 10+ lessons with another music school. ~ Dave R. 
Rating 5 out of 5



Every Scale / Mode
A,B,C,D,E,F,G = A natural minor (Aeolian), B locrian, C major (Ionian), D dorian, E phrygian, F lydian, G mixolydian.
Raise the 7th note by 1/2 step = harmonic minor. Raise the 6th & 7th notes by 1/2 step = melodic minor.
Remove the 2nd & 6th notes = A minor / C major pentatonic now add a raised 3rd = Blues.
Starting from any note ascending or descending in whole steps = whole tone,
moving in steps of W,H,W,H,W,H,W = diminished.
Every musical note = Chromatic.
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